Things You Should Know About Snorkeling Fins

When it comes to snorkeling equipment, snorkeling fins are often mentioned as one of the most essential things that a hobbyist should have. Now if you are truly interested in this water activity then you should at least procure a pair or two. The snorkeling fins have dual purposes. One, it helps you swim faster and with lesser effort. The other, as a protective gear for the feet against injuries like abrasion and cuts acquired when the feet comes in contact with the reefs jagged surfaces. If your feet are left unprotected, you are letting your feet be open to danger to the seas unpredictable elements. There are different styles and designs for you to select depending on the elements that you encounter.

These are the types of snorkeling fins:

The Open foot, a preferred pair of snorkeling fins by professionals due to their requirement in wearing a boot. Just like the lyrics of Dionne Warwick, this boots are made for walking over rocky shores and can endure the burden of lugging heavy gear. The downside of this particular snorkeling fin is it is heavier, bulkier and stiffer than the classic models.

Full Foot is the old school of snorkeling fins. This type is ideal for snorkeling because it weighs less and it does not require a lot power to push unnecessary weight when swimming.

Before going on a buying spree, think first of the following before grabbing any pair of snorkeling fins.

Investing in quality means you would give up a kidney just to get an expensive pair. It is better to begin with the classic paddle fins that is light on the pocket and once you get used to it, then it’s time to invest to a more sophisticated and state of the art pair of snorkeling fins.

Snorkeling fins must have a comfortable fit, to avoid unintentional injuries. It should not cause any discomfort due to hard spots rubbing on your feet. You must be free of any major discomfort after long hours of snorkeling. When you mention comfortable fins, it pertains to a perfect fit and feels like it is second skin and not some alien object on the feet.

Size- now, how do you know if the fins “really” fit? Snorkeling fins must have a snug feeling on the feet and it won’t leave you having a numb feeling. The fins should be tight instead of loose to prevent any injuries caused by wet insides. Snorkeling sessions would be a burden if your fins keep on falling off especially if you try to propel yourself. If you prefer open heeled fins, make sure to buy the booties first then fit it with the fins you plan to buy.