Royal Caribbean International is the world’s second largest cruise line. Founded in Norway in 1970, it was the first cruise line to introduce the concept of the mega cruise ship – a virtual city in the sea. They cater to the more active passenger, with rock climbing walls on board every ship and mini golf courses on many. But what do their passengers actually have to say about them? This article will sample reviews of Royal Caribbean cruises taken from across the web.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Review: Check is an offshoot of another website,, offering reviews, discussion forums and deals on last minute cruises. The site has over 5000 member reviews of Royal Caribbean cruises, so what follows is, by necessity, only a very brief overview. The best reviewed Royal Caribbean cruise ship on the site is the Jewel of the Seas, with a 5-ribbon rating (5+ is the highest rating) from 228 member reviews. The site’s professional critic also gives it 5 ribbons, noting that it is unusual for a mass market cruise ship to get such a high rating, which is normally only awarded to high-end luxury vessels. The review warned, however, that a big ship is still a big ship, and that you will still have to fight to get the best deckchairs. In other words, whilst the service may be exceptional for such a large (and relatively inexpensive) vessel, it should not be measured against the standards of a luxury yacht.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Review: Check is similar in format to, with a mixture of reader and in-house reviews, but it is not quite as easy to navigate. Reviews are not accompanied by ratings, making the judgment as to which ship was the best reviewed a great deal more subjective. Also, there is no way to compare ships. You need to click on the link to each ship to see the reviews. For comparison purposes, I clicked on the link for the Jewel of the Seas again. Reviews were much more mixed than they were at One reviewer set out a nightmarish litany of vacation disasters, though these do not appear to have been the fault of the cruise line. Others were more complimentary, though not quite as effusive in their praise as the reviewers at

Royal Caribbean Cruise Review: Check in an online community of over 20,000 cruise lovers. It takes the form of a discussion forum rather than a review site, so discussions are much more interactive. There is a dedicated forum for Royal Caribbean cruises, where members can ask questions and share their experiences, making it a useful resource for those who are considering a Royal Caribbean cruise and would like more information from unbiased observers (though as always with such a forum, be on your guard for company plants shilling for their employer, and “moles” from other cruise lines spreading malicious disinformation).

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