Disney is unique in the fact that it can offer a wide variety of vacations to appeal to many different travelers. While most Disney fans were perfectly content to spend multiple days exploring the many Disney theme parks in Orlando, Disney decided that wasn’t quite enough for everyone. Eleven years ago, Disney introduced a whole new way to experience Disney, with a Disney cruise vacation that took the magic onto the high seas and many tropical ports of call. Today, travelers can get the best of both worlds with a Disney cruise package that combines a few days on land with a few days at sea for a total Disney experience.

The Disney Cruise Package: How It Works?

The standard Disney cruise package is seven days, and the time is split between a three or four-night cruise to the Bahamas with three or four days at the Disney theme parks. Travelers can choose which they prefer, by the amount of time they want to spend on each part of the Disney cruise package. The first offers three days on land to visit the various theme parks, followed by a four-night cruise to the Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. The other Disney cruise package begins with four days at the parks and ends with a three-night cruise that offers the same ports of call, but eliminates the day at sea that the four-night cruise provides.

The Disney Cruise Package: What’s Included?

The Disney cruise package includes accommodations both on the ship and at a Disney hotel. The type of hotel you stay in will depend on the type of stateroom you book on the ship. Accommodations will range from a luxury Disney resort hotel, to a moderately priced resort for the budget conscious. The Disney cruise package also includes park passes for the land section of the trip, with the option to upgrade to a park hopper pass that allows you to visit more than one park in a day. In some cases, some meals at the parks may also be included in your Disney cruise package, including a character breakfast where you can meet all your favorite Disney stars.

Your Disney cruise package will probably also include transportation to and from the airport, parks and cruise terminal, making this vacation fun and hassle free. There may also be special deals from time to time that make these packages even more attractive to travelers who are watching their pennies more closely. For more information about the current Disney cruise package available, contact your travel agent or check the Disney website today.

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