If you live in the one of the northern states of the US then you are probably quite sick of the cold weather already. Winter is fine for the first month or so but it quickly starts to get old and people long for more temperate weather. If you are sick of the sight of snow this year three or four days spent the enjoying the warm weather of the Caribbean probably sounds wonderful right now.

The good news is that if you have a few hundred dollars to spare then you could be in the Caribbean a few days from now if you take the time to look online for a last minute cruise deal. There are last minute cruise bargains all over the web for those people who know where and when to look for them.

When To Book Last Minute Cruise Deal?

The best months for finding last minute cruise deals are January through March. Cruise lines and travel websites know that people want to escape to a place with a warmer climate when the weather at home is cold. Therefore they make the prospect of a short cruise even more inviting by lowering their prices. People who book a last minute cruise deal during the winter often receive extras such as a free upgrade to a better cabin or credit that can be used on board the ship for luxuries such as a spa or sauna.

Where To Book Last Minute Cruise Deal?

The best last minute cruise deals are generally found on the internet, especially if you look on the website of each cruise line. However, last minute cruise deals can often be found in certain newspapers or by visiting a travel agent in your municipality. Last minute cruise deals are obviously scheduled for a point in the very near future so make sure you are able to three or four days off work before you pay for anything.

Do Your Research On Last Minute Cruise Deal

Never be tempted to book up a last minute cruise deal before comparing and contrasting prices elsewhere first. Check to see if another cruise line offers a similar vacation for less. Look around to see what is available at different travel websites and agents to see if you can get the same vacation with the same cruise line for a few dollars less elsewhere.

When booking a last minute cruise deal ask yourself if you are really getting good value for money. Will the reduced cost of the vacation mean making certain sacrifices? For example, would you be prepared to sleep in an inside cabin if it meant saving a few hundred dollars?

You will also need to take any on-board expenses into consideration before booking a last minute cruise deal. It would also be a good idea to figure the cost of getting to the departure location into the overall price of the vacation. That way you can get an idea of the total cost and this will help you to decide whether or not to go ahead and make the booking.